About Us

We are a team of working professionals with diverse work experience in the fields of teaching, training, communication and Career Guidance counselling, spanning over six decades. We wanted to do what we love and believe in. We strongly believe that every human being is intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills. In fact there are multiple intelligence and everyone can find theirs. People should be given an opportunity based on their intelligence rather than based on societal pressures and preconceived notions. Knowing and understanding our true potential and capability, helps to find a profession which is just right for us. Most Importantly it helps us to find inner peace, which leads to happiness and helps us to accept ourselves. It is our endeavour as an enterprise to work towards the happiness of youth, society and nation at large.


To help people understand their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, personality traits in most scientific and impartial manner.


Helping people with their holistic development and growth leading them unto path of happiness in the long run.