Test Packages Offered

The tests have been combined into different packages for ease of use for different users. The tests can be taken individually as well.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude is an innate quality or strength that helps one perform a task with certain competency. Another word for aptitude is ability.

Personality Test

Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Interest Test

Interest plays a major role in our career. As we all know, we are willing to work hard at a job that we find interesting.


One-Stop Solution for All - Psychometric Tests designed for High school students for Stream and Course Selection, College Students For career Guidance, Job Aspirants to upgrade their Skills.

High School Students

Measure Your Skills & Ability for right Stream and Course Selection

College Students

College Students For career Guidance

Job Aspirants

Find collected information to identify the hidden aspects of your ability


Help your students to find the best possible Stream and Course


Psychometric Test for Hiring Professional Candidates With Right Skills


Through our online psychometric tests we can find the inherent abilities that a person is born with, we can help identify the true interest areas. We can also help learners and aspirants understand their personality and identify areas they need to work upon and skills they need to acquire to excel in the field of their choice. We use the tools which are standardized and validated specifically for Indian Population.


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We are a team of working professionals with diverse work experience in the fields of teaching, training, communication and Career Guidance counselling, spanning over six decades. We wanted to do what we love and believe in. We strongly believe that every human being is intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills. In fact there are multiple intelligence and everyone can find theirs. People should be given an opportunity based on their intelligence rather than based on societal pressures and preconceived notions. Knowing and understanding our true potential and capability, helps to find a profession which is just right for us. Most Importantly it helps us to find inner peace, which leads to happiness and helps us to accept ourselves. It is our endeavour as an enterprise to work towards the happiness of youth, society and nation at large.

  • Scientific Approach
  • Validated & Standardized Test
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Trained Experienced Counsellors
  • One to One Counselling
  • End to End Career Guidance


What Our Happy Customers Says ?


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Psychometric tests are used by employers to objectively measure candidates cognitive abilities, attitudes, personality and knowledge. They’re becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process and are now used in industries ranging from banking and finance to police and the armed forces.

Counselling a student or individual regarding his/her career is called career counselling. This is usually done by parents, teachers or family elders in our Indian society. Using scientific methods, like psychometric testing, to arrive at a consensus regarding a career is a much better way as it takes into account the strengths of the student, his interest and his personality traits.

These tests have been developed by renowned psychologists. These are standardized tests and the standardization is according to age group and for the Indian population.

We do it in most scientific manner using standardised and validated psychometric tools. You take an online assessment and we and will give you detailed personal profile with explanation of your strong points and low points.

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