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Freshers or new employees joining the work for the first time, may be qualified for the job but there are more skills and attributes that are required to be proficient and successful at their job role. Corporates while looking for prospective employees not only look for candidates with technical knowhow but also pay heed to important skills like Communication Skills, Positive Attitude, Team Player, Critical Thinking. There are certain skills which need to be acquired to make a successful debut and carve a niche for yourself job aspirant who is totally confused about how to make right choices and best strategy to move forward in life, we can help them through our psychometric testing tools. Self-Awareness regimen carried out in the most scientific, unbiased, and impartial manner will help individuals know limitations and strengths, learn about the true interests and choose the most befitting professional or occupational options.

It is important to know about one’s own strengths and weaknesses as it helps in making the right career choices. For example: An extrovert person may find it very difficult to continue with a job that requires him to work alone without much human interaction. A creatively inclined person will find it very difficult to work in very structured environment.

If a person knows themselves then they can choose a career most suitable. It helps us make an informed choice.

Personality and ability are two different and very important aspect in a person’s growth and development. Personality is an individual’s distinctive character (behavior, thinking and emotional responses) which is a result of his/her biological and environmental factors which include life experiences. Personality evolves over a period of time and is usually not permanent especially in children and young adults. Ability on the other hand is related to cognition or the mental processes of an individual. It is the capacity to perform tasks.

Intertest and Personality test are not timed as such but they do not require more than 30 mins and 45 mins respectively to attempt. Specially for a personality test we do not want taker to think too much and not choose instinctive answers. If answers are chosen with preconditioned thought process the results would be more like what I should be rather than what I am.

Once test is completed a comprehensive report is generated with a combination of static data and dynamic data. Counselor and test taker should be able to download/save the report in a format like PDF, which is compatible with their device and is there for later use.


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Test Packages Offered

The tests have been combined into different packages for ease of use for different users. The tests can be taken individually as well. For ease of use for different users and to get relative inferences during one to one counselling.