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Test Packages Offered

The tests have been combined into different packages for ease of use for different users. The tests can be taken individually as well. For ease of use for different users and to get relative inferences during one to one counselling.

Aptitude + Personality + Interest Test

  • A Comprehensive Customized Profile
  • An insight for Individual Learning and Development Plan
  • A complete mapped analysis of Abilities, Interests and Personality Traits
₹ 2500 /-

Aptitude + Interest Test

  • Helps you Understand your Inherent Qualities
  • Helps you Find your true Interest
  • Mapping of your Abilities and Interest gives your specialized areas of Excellence
₹ 2000 /-

Personality Test

  • 20 Personality Dimensions Tested
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Mapping of Dominant Personality traits with Potential Areas of Specialization
₹ 1500 /-

Tests of Character Virtue

  • A Comprehensive Customized Profile.
  • An insight into an Individual's character traits.
  • A complete mapped analysis of the different virtues of character.
₹ 2500 /-
*Note: All tests must be taken within 15 days from the date of purchase.