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In our country the objective of education is to have a successful career but yet education alone does not prepare and help a student choose right careers for them.

Choosing a career is one of the most crucial milestones in our life.

Such is the magnitude of importance of this choice that the planning starts right from childhood.

‘What you are going to be’- is one big dream that a ten-year old starts to envisage, parents visualize and pray for, teachers predict and a lot many suggest…

We typically look forward to careers which are synonymous with big money, commend respect, acclaim degrees and immense power, ignoring the crucial questions- Is this profession for me? or Am I cut out for this profession?

Most of the students worldwide decide on their career choices considering others’ dreams, desires, experiences, expertise and suggestions.

Hardly do we consider our interests, skills, natural talents, values and personality traits.

Career Guidance carried out in a scientific manner enables a student to arrive at a better-informed choice of subjects. The choice of subjects will ‘involve’ the students and equip them with skills befitting their interest, which could be harnessed for the benefit of self and the nation.

We strongly believe that every human being is intelligent.

What is the Scientific way of finding out a person’s abilities, interests and aptitude?
  • Psychometric tests are designed to assess the cognitive abilities and personality traits of an individual. Result of psychometric tests give us specific insights about an individual. These assessments are extremely helpful when a student is at a stage of choosing a career, a course or a stream. The results can be instrumental in making informed and wiser choices.

The objective of this career guidance program is to provide the required and accurate information to the student and parents, along with handholding for future course of action.

How Students get benefits:
  • Grade IX Students Registers on our Online Platform. We Sensitize them about process of Stream Selection, its importance and right way to do it. Gets an access to a personal dashboard.
  • Student takes first Psychometric Tests (Personality Test) to rule out underlying adolescence issues and help them with a consistent study plan.
  • Grade X Students and Parents provided counselling and orientation, so that they do not take stress of boards and forthcoming changing patterns.
  • Grade X Student take Ability and Interest Test, to understand their Strengths and Weaknesses. With the help of test results student decides stream. (a complete logical scientific process to decision making).
  • We help them make their first career plans and set smart goals for scoring the required percentage to get desired streams.
  • Grade XI we start sensitizing the students about possible career options and route map for that through workshops and career Fairs, University weeks etc , thru our epub career guide.
  • Grade XII students have mostly made up their mind, about course, college, university, helping them and parents with admission processes thru our online platform College next.
  • Students who wish to start working after grade XII, helping, directing them for the appropriate skilling/testprep/job notifications through our platform Naukri connect.
  • Students who wish to go for govt. jobs after their graduation, they get support thru our platform Sarkari Pariksha.


Aptitude + Interest Test

₹ 2000/-

How we can help you?

Career Development Orientation


(Frequently Asked Questions)

It is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills, there are multiple intelligences, we just have to find ours…

It helps us know and understand our true potential and capability. It helps to find a profession which is just right for us. Most Importantly it helps us to find peace and accept ourselves.

We do it in most scientific manner using standardised and validated psychometric tools. You take an online assessment and we and will give you detailed personal profile with explanation of your strong points and low points.