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All human being go through a developmental cycle in their life span. At every milestone there is a different and distinctive psychosocial crisis that they experience. At 12 months it is trust versus mistrust, at 3 to 6 years it is initiative versus guilt, at 8-14 years it is set standard versus inferiority complex and 15- 22 years it is Identity versus role confusion. Can these challenges be overcome, if yes, how? Every person has a set of certain traits which make them unique or different than others. Accordingly human beings have their own personal challenges, especially when it comes to choosing right stream, right course and college and right career for themselves. So how do we find solution to this problem for millions of different students? Is there a generic solution for all? If the challenge is so subjective then solution has to be equally subjective too. Being happy and successful is all about making right choices and taking timely decisions, If you have the right strategy, plan and achievable goals you are bound to be successful. Through our online psychometric test we can find the inherent abilities that a person is born with, we can help identify the true interest areas. We can also help learners and aspirants understand their personality and identify areas they need to work upon and skills they need to acquire to excel in the field of their choice. With the help of our comprehensive psychometric analysis we can help resolve a child’s dilemma between identity and role confusion in the most scientific and logical manner possible.

If you are a student or job aspirant but totally confused about the right choices to make, we can help you do that through our psychometric testing tools. Understand your true potential, know your limitations and strengths, learn about your interests and choose the most befitting options for you. High school students can take up the aptitude and interest test to find out the best suitable stream for them. College students and job aspirants can take the aptitude test and personality test to work on the future course of study or skills to be acquired. The results can also be indicative of the best suited industries and departments for you as a person. What are you waiting for, click on the psychometric test page and find out the key to your successful career path. Invest few minutes of your time now to save a great deal of time and resources that you might end up wasting on courses and career paths which may not be suitable for you.

We are a company devoted to work towards the betterment of Indian youth and employable work force. We do not endorse any Educational or vocational institute. We are not owned by any corporate house or specific industry. Most importantly we use the tools which are standardised and validated specifically for Indian Population.

As a result, you get a report which is

  • Impartial
  • Unbiased
  • Personlised
  • Printable and Downloadable for future reference.

The test can be taken online at any time, you will need a working computer and a stable internet connection to take the test. These are timed tests and it is advised to take them in one go without any breaks, for accurate results and analysis.

These tests have been developed by renowned psychologists. These are standardized tests and the standardization is according to age group and for the Indian population.

No. These tests are for ability (which are inherent qualities in a person), interest (area about which one wants to learn further) and personality (the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character).

It’s a good idea to know about one’s own strengths and weaknesses as it helps in making the right career choices. For example: An extrovert person may find it very difficult to continue with a job that requires him to work alone without much human interaction. A creatively inclined person will find it very difficult to work in very structured environment. If we know our own self then we can choose a career most suited for us. It helps us make an informed choice.

Personality is an individual’s distinctive character (behavior, thinking and emotional responses) which is a result of his/her biological and environmental factors which include life experiences. Personality evolves over a period of time and is usually not permanent especially in children and young adults. Ability on the other hand is related to cognition or the mental processes of an individual. It is the capacity to perform particular tasks.

Counselling a student or individual regarding his/her career is called career counselling. This is usually done by parents, teachers or family elders in our Indian society. Using scientific methods, like psychometric testing, to arrive at a consensus regarding a career is a much better way as it takes into account the strengths of the student, his interest and his personality traits.

It is a good idea to take career counselling based on the result of psychometric testing of abilities, interest and personality. As these scores give clarity to the inherent strengths of the individual which is then matched with the scores of his or her interest test and personality test and the way forward is suggested.

After due deliberation our experts will create a profile for the student which will give a graphical representation of his/her abilities with an explanation of each ability and also of the score received. Then there would be recommendations towards the field of careers that would be suitable with respect to the abilities and personality traits. Also, there would be recommendations towards areas that need to be improved and the steps to be taken for that. The report would be delivered within 24 hours of giving the test.

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