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Personality and ability are two different and very important aspect in a person’s growth and development. Personality is an individual’s distinctive character (behavior, thinking and emotional responses) which is a result of his/her biological and environmental factors which include life experiences. Personality evolves over a period of time and is usually not permanent especially in children and young adults. Ability on the other hand is related to cognition or the mental processes of an individual. It is the capacity to perform tasks.

Corporates while looking for prospective employees must look for candidates with technical knowhow but also need to pay heed to important skills like Communication Skills, Positive Attitude, Team Player, Critical Thinking. There are certain skills which need to be acquired to make a successful debut.

All human beings go through a developmental cycle in their life span. At every milestone there is a different and distinctive psychosocial crisis that they experience. Can these challenges be overcome if yes how? Every person has a set of certain traits which make them unique or different than others. Accordingly, human beings have their own personal challenges.

If the challenge is so subjective then solution must be equally subjective too.

Being happy and successful is all about making right choices and taking timely decisions, if you have the right strategy, plan and achievable goals you are bound to be successful

Through our online psychometric test, we can find the inherent abilities person is born with, we can help identify the true interest areas. We can also help learners and aspirants understand their personality and identify areas they need to work upon and skills they need to acquire to excel in the field of their choice. With the help of our comprehensive psychometric analysis, we can help resolve a person’s dilemma between identity and role confusion in the most scientific and logical manner possible.

These tests have been developed by renowned psychologists. These are standardised tests, and the standardization is according to age group and for the Indian population.


Aptitude + Interest Test

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The tests have been combined into different packages for ease of use for different users. The tests can be taken individually as well. For ease of use for different users and to get relative inferences during one to one counselling.